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Why I Created The Intuition Coach Project

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For as long as I can remember, I have always been very connected to my inner life. 

Whether it is through emotions or physical feelings, my intuition has always been present and a great guide when it comes to knowing what choice is right for me or not. I did a lot of things by following my feelings, without always understanding why but following the thread of “this decision makes me feel good, this is what I need right now and the rest doesn’t matter.”

And then there were also times when I didn’t follow my feelings. Those times showed me, sometimes violently, when I was straying too far from my truth. 

Until not so long ago, I thought everyone else was living like that. Until I realized that they didn’t. My journey as a coach made me realize the importance of the need to reconnect with our intuition and emotions.

This is the story of why I decided to create The Intuition Coach project.

September 2019 – I quit my employed job to jump on the biggest adventure of my life: becoming a self-employed coach. 

Leaving my job was the natural evolution of a year full of questioning and introspection, but it was also something I hadn’t planned at all! At the time I was still a Recruiter and had managed to negotiate to work part-time to focus on myself and my projects. I was planning to leave my job, but I was far from the idea of becoming self-employed: how was I going to support myself financially if I left everything? What’s more, in England, we don’t have the same support as in France when it comes to creating our own business: if I left my job, I was on my own. Or so I thought. 😉

To help myself, I joined a 3-month training program to launch my first side hustle. This training gave me the basics to start testing my business project in parallel to my job. I remember having zero doubt about my desire to follow this program and that it was exactly what I needed: it was obvious. It was my intuition talking.

At the end of the program, I had made up my mind: I wanted to become a full-time coach. But what would be my business model? Pursuing my recruitment job part-time was seriously starting to take up all my mental and emotional energy. And it was precious energy that I could redirect to my coaching project to launch it! 

Yes, but that didn’t answer my main question: how would I get paid if I left?

I was facing a dilemma. So I did what I have always done in these moments, perhaps without always being aware of it: I turned inwards. I focused on creating calm within.

And then I heard: it’s time for you to quit your job and go all in.

It was a subtle inner voice that whispered these words to me, so obvious and fearless. It’s when I started to think about the whys and hows that the doubts came back.

I realized then that my decision had already been made for a long time, unconsciously: I wanted to leave. I still didn’t know how, yet it didn’t change a single thing to my decision: I was going to quit and find a solution in the process.

On the day I resigned, it was like a whole new world opened up before me. I found a solution to start my project without pressure, which was to use my savings which would cover my first year (whereas I refused to consider this possibility before).

From that moment on, positive synchronicities started to happen one after the other.

I had set the intention to start my business, and I had taken action by resigning even though I didn’t have every problem sorted out. And that’s when I found my first collaboration as a Coach… to work with a French company called Pose ta Dem’ (Quit Your Job), the same business for which I had been a client 6 months before! Charlotte, the founder, was looking for coaches to join her team. I said “yes” with great pleasure as I now had space, time, and energy to invest all in!

When you begin a project of any kind, it is true that it requires a certain amount of faith: faith is believing before seeing. And that’s where intuition comes into play: it’s what allows us to “feel” when it’s the right time, and what is the right and aligned choice. If only we knew how to listen.


You know the truth by the way it feels.


So I started coaching for Pose ta Dem’ in September 2019, just as I was leaving my employer. 18 months later, I’ve coached more than 40 people, all talented, determined, and passionate. The lack of meaning and recognition in their jobs led them to reinvent their professional life into one that was more fulfilling and aligned with their purpose. But they also had something else in common: a mind that was so doubtful, so active, and taking so much space that it prevented them from really listening to themselves and taking action. 

That’s when I wondered: how do I personally overcome the doubts of my mind and manage to take action despite the fear?

Thanks to my intuition. I couldn’t find any other answer. Because there was no other answer.

So I started asking my clients too, to understand in particular what had changed in them between the beginning and the end of our work together.

And the answers all pointed to the same thing: they felt greater confidence in their ability to know what is good for them and what is not, and to make conscious, soul-aligned decisions for their lives and business.

And that is the power of intuition revealed.

What finally convinced me of the importance of helping others to develop their intuition was the first masterclass I hosted a few weeks ago on the topic of “Unleashing The Intuitive Entrepreneur In You”.

Over 40 people came to my 2-hour online seminar to learn how to calm their minds and find clarity to make soul-aligned decisions to work with joy and purpose, and not out of duty or expectation. More than 40 people came to find a way to solve their dilemmas other than by thinking logically which up to now, left them exhausted.

“In a very short amount of time, I solved what I had been beating about the bush for 3 weeks!”

This is a testimonial from one of the entrepreneurs who attended my masterclass – this outcome couldn’t move me more. Because it’s the power of intuition in pure action.

And we ALL have this power.

I didn’t think that so many people would be interested in reconnecting to their intuition. I honestly thought that everyone already had access to it easily in some way. My intuition has always guided me, why shouldn’t it guide others?

  • Because we are not all aware of our intuition in the same way.
  • Because we are not all open to our emotions. 
  • Because we don’t all have the same level of self-confidence.
  • Because our personal wounds, history, and cultural heritage influence us differently, and for the majority of us, we have not learned to rely on anything else other than logic and thoughts to guide our lives.

But there is another level of reading, another reliable channel to get the answers we seek and help us make the choices that are right for us: our intuition.

Developing our intuition means rediscovering ourselves again, and learning who we truly are and how our body speaks to us. It’s about reconnecting to our own truth.

So I decided it was time to stand up for this powerful message and share my experience of intuition with as many people as possible to help them build their lives and their businesses in a simple, obvious, and fluid way. We all deserve to live easily, and with joy. 

And reconnecting with your intuition is the first step to achieve this.


Concretely, how can I help you?


I have built The Intuition Coach project for all those who wish to understand, develop and fine-tune their intuition to empower their lives. And eventually, become their own coach and guide in life!!!

My intention is to help you regain control over your mind and your fears and to teach you how to develop your intuition and regain confidence in your own judgment. So you can build a life and business in line with your dreams and wildest ambitions. And above all live HAPPY and FULFILLED.


  • My Bespoke Intuition Coaching Program: 8 weeks of individual coaching with me for the most determined who wish to overcome their fears and learn new techniques that are easy to implement on a daily basis to develop their intuition without fear or doubt.
  • My Soul Blog: one article a week in which I share with you my personal tools, musings, or inspired guidance to support you in your intuitive development.
  • The monthly newsletter: I share with you a summary of the best articles of the month, plus exclusive resources to reconnect you to your intuition (you can sign up on my home page!)


To your happiness!

Marion x

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