Intuition Coaching

With Marion Elvina

Level up your life + biz by harnessing the positive power of your intuition!

Intuition Coaching with me is a spiritual co-creative experience of reconnection to your true self.

It is your moment to identify and get past whatever is holding you back from following your powerful intuition, and building the flowing, soulful life and business you deserve.

My approach is one of empowerment. Empowerment is the highest degree of freedom, courage, and determination to live your life to its fullest potential. It moves you from feeling frustrated, helpless, and confused to confident, resourceful, and thriving. 

It is time to start running your life and business from a place of ease, self-support, and intuition!

If you identify as an empath, a lightworker, or a purpose-driven soul who is eager to invite in more calm and clarity, and master your intuition to achieve your big dreams, then you have found your Intuition Coach!

I work with people who:

Hold a desire to develop their intuition to build a soul-aligned life or biz that honors their time, energy and dreams.

Believe in another way of living and doing business, without having to overthink things or force results and outcomes.

Want to learn how to make their mind and intuition work together peacefully and efficiently.

Are ready to get past their doubts and fears, and trust they can change for the better.

It’s time to remember how to trust and listen to your inner wisdom. You have all the answers inside of you, they are just really hard to hear amongst all the noise of our modern lives. 


Why should you seek Intuition Coaching?

Although I believe we are on the edge of a totally new humanity, the current world we live in is still a very analytical one. We have lost touch with our emotions and intuition, even more so since technology became our primary way to work, communicate and have fun. We are disconnected from our feelings, our senses, and our authentic intuitive power. This can leave us helpless, insecure, and lost. Yup, I know the feeling.

Most of us have forgotten how creative and resourceful we are because, in our consumer society, we have been conditioned to believe that the miracle solution is outside of us. 

We also rely too much on logic to tell us what to do. 

The thing is, your logical mind is terrified. It believes in scarcity and wants you to stay safe at all costs. It feeds on fear. It doesn’t really care about your happiness. You have to consciously show your logical mind that you are in the driver’s seat, and that it is only your loyal servant.  

And that starts with tuning into your emotional intelligence and honing your most natural gift: your intuition.

Your intuition is a potent tool that can help you build a fulfilling life or biz easily. It is your inner compass and your best friend. When you learn to harness its power, you can make conscious soul-aligned decisions and use your logical mind to practically make your intuitive decisions happen. And manifest all the wonderful things you desire, effortlessly!

Calm your mind. Empower your life.

Too much logical thinking keeps you from hearing the voice of your intuition. You first need to learn how to calm your mind so you can listen to your natural intuitive wisdom.

You can choose to keep living a disembodied and frantic life, on a constant run to do something, go somewhere, see someone, buy something. Or you can say “enough!” and consciously decide – right now –  to reclaim your personal power and do things your way. You are resourceful beyond measure and you can relearn how to trust your own wisdom and use it to create a life or biz that flows, and manifest blessings beyond your wildest dreams.

You don’t have to look outside of yourself for solutions, I promise. I believe that you are your own solution and it is my privilege to guide you back to your intuition, so you can unlock your own answers to life’s challenges. 

If you feel called to reclaim your power over your circumstances instead of letting them drive you, then honing your intuition is your next step. 

Unleash your inner power now!

This is for you if you: 

Feel frustrated and tired with the clutter in your head.

Feel out of touch with your intuition and pushed around by the doubts in your mind.

Lack confidence in yourself and your abilities.

Struggle to make decisions on your own, big or small.

Have a tendency to want everything to go according to plan.

Are trying hard to do things the way you see everyone else doing it and it feels out of alignment and is just not working for you.

Are eager to learn to calm your mind and develop your intuition to move out of confusion and helplessness.

Enter an entirely new realm of possibilities for your one wonderful life!

Outcomes you will get from working with me:

Learn how to distinguish your intuition from the fears in your mind.

Get potent techniques to awaken, use and fine-tune your intuition.

Stop doubting and overthinking, and start making clear soul-aligned decisions to propel your life and business to success.

Move from a space of control and frustration to one of trust, playfulness and joy.

A massive self-esteem and power boost.

Be released from the pressure of doing things a certain way and intuitively create a lifestyle that honors your time and personal energy.

Have me gently but surely supporting you every step of the way.

If this resonates with you and you are ready to harness your intuition to empower your life and business, then book your Possibility Call now!

Meet Marion

The Intuition Coach.

Marion Elvina is a passionate life and biz coach who has helped tens of people to embrace their true selves and dare to go for their wonderful dreams. She inspires lightworkers, empaths, and purpose-driven souls worldwide to harness the positive power of their intuition to uplevel their lives and bring their soul business to life. 

Marion first graduated as an Engineer and followed the safe, familiar steps of her French cultural heritage. After several years of walking down a path that wasn’t truly hers, she had enough of feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. In 2015, she intuitively realigned her career with her purpose: being of service to people. She left her job as an Engineer to follow a new path, first as a Recruiter, and later as an independent Intuition Coach.

Marion is brilliant at helping people gently awaken to the power of their intuition. As a Moonchild (born under the sign of Cancer), she is highly connected to her intuition, emotions, and psychic gifts. Over the years, she has learned to positively embrace her intuition and to use it as her compass in life. Marion has an unshakeable belief that the Universe is always working in our favour, and trusts that everyone has the power to positively turn their lives around.

You are your best guide.

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”

– Albert Einstein


What my soul clients say:

Loïc Blanchard

“Marion coached me for 6 months. Her active listening skills, empathy and natural kindness were the key elements that triggered the breakthrough moments I experienced. As a coach, Marion successfully supported me on my journey to initiate concrete actions towards my long term goal that is now aligned with my core values. A fantastic human experience, thanks again Marion for being part of my developmental journey!”

Aurore Guglielminetti

“2020 was intense for us all, and my situation changed a lot in a short amount of time. I felt lost. Marion showed me tremendous support to accept my emotions and let go of my mental blocks. She created a personalized experience where I felt fully comfortable. Sometimes you need someone to reconnect you with what is already inside you. Marion is that person.”

Cecile Rotat

"I had the chance and pleasure to be coached by Marion to help me take stock of what I wanted for my life. She was able to adapt to my progress, and help me regain self-confidence. Thanks to her kindness, empathy and empowering coaching tools, Marion reconnected me with my emotions and intuition. This is a huge gift! Thank you! I warmly recommend Marion to anyone who wants to find their way back to themselves."