About Marion


Hi! I’m
Marion Elvina

The Intuition Coach.

I often dream of a world where people are not afraid to feel.

It’s a wonderful place where we all feel heard and accepted as we are. A place where we lead from the heart instead of feeding our egos. 

Intuition is guiding all our key decisions which allows us to live a life of flow, purpose and freedom. We rely on our logical mind to support us to structure, optimise and practically make our dreams happen. We live in harmony with the planet because we feel abundant from within, and we don’t take more than we need.  

Doesn’t this feel nice?

Maybe you think I’m a dreamer, an idealist or a sweet romantic. Well, let me tell you one thing: I am! And if you too secretly believe that we can build a different, more caring kind of future for ourselves, then you are welcome here gorgeous soul!

As The Intuition Coach, I support lightworkers, empaths and purpose-driven souls with a desire to overcome self-doubt, confusion and emotional overwhelm to cultivate inner peace, develop and trust their intuition, and thrive.

You were meant to read this today. Your intuition has guided you here because it has a message for you.It wants you to be unapologetically yourself – all of you. In a world that is so fast-paced, you need to create calm so you can hear your intuition. How would it feel to take back ownership of your life by learning how to clearly make the difference between the fears in your mind, and the truth of your intuition? How would it feel to be confident to embrace your intuition and use it to bring your vision into reality?

I am an intuition activist and I stand for inner peace, love and the freedom to do things in a way that honours our energy and personality without being perceived as weak, less or not worthy. I believe that showing vulnerability is the most courageous thing, and our duty if we want humanity to heal. In a world that looks down upon intuition as something unreliable, you can choose differently. It’s time for you to rid yourself of self-sabotaging thoughts and habits that keep you stuck in a constant inner battle against your divine nature. You can safely learn to follow your intuition and create the authentic, purposeful life and biz you deserve
Let me show you how!

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.”

– Dean Koontz

Marion's Story

My intuition journey.

I grew up in France, in a cozy cocoon with a wonderful, loving, and supporting family. I never lacked anything. But I remember being told from a very young age that the outside world was dangerous, and unkind to sensitive people. And that to protect me, I needed to follow the rules and do things in a certain way so I would be sure to build the safest life and never get  hurt . Who was I to question the advice of people with much more life experience than me,  what’s more, people who nurtured, supported, and cared for me all my life?  Playing it safe became my motto.

In my teenage years, I was the perfect student: clever, quiet, and the one to help you do your homework just because I didn’t want to upset you. I was shy and introverted because it felt more comfortable. It didn’t bother me much at the time, as all I wanted was to fit in to avoid trouble. I was very cautious about who I opened up to, and it was hard to get to truly know me. I was  so afraid.




The world scared me.
I struggled to assert myself.
I was scared to speak up because of what others might think of me.
But the less I spoke, the more judged I was.
“She’s so shy.”
“She doesn’t speak much.”
“She’s a bit of an outsider isn’t she?’

At Uni, I chose a conventional path even though my dream was to study vocal technique and become a singer. But I wasn’t much of a risk-taker then. So, I ended up graduating with a Master’s in Engineering. I never felt so out of place. 

Uni was the toughest time for me: I struggled to fit in, I dreaded social events and my studies bored me. Plus, I developed anxiety because I left my family home to live in a new city on my own for the first time. I didn’t know how to do this. Yet it was around that time that I began to reconnect to my intuition. Because I felt so down and out of place, a voice inside me somehow kept me afloat: she was just loud enough to point me to the things that were inspiring me joy. 

One of them was to go live in England. I know I just said that living far away from my family gave me anxiety. But I had this calling: I just wanted to go to England. I was certain of it. Completely incoherent! That’s the intuition for you.

So, because I was so miserable in France, I decided to follow my gut feeling. I secured a Project Leader position at a large aeronautics company in the UK. It was a breath of fresh air! I had so much fun despite being far away from my family and in a career that wasn’t my dream job. I became a whole new person: I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be, even if everything wasn’t perfect. I simply let myself be for a while and enjoyed a very fulfilling social life. Who would have guessed?

Eventually, after 2 years, my inner guidance caught up with me and this time, it hit much harder. All of the sudden, I was having less fun, hiding in toilets at work and crying for ‘no reason.’  I felt so low, sad, depressed, and completely useless. I had panic attacks. Something was clearly wrong! I got diagnosed with depression at 25 and went on sick leave for 3 months. It hit me hard, and I felt SO helpless because it was intense and painful, yet I had no idea what it meant.

In retrospect, I now know that depression was the physical manifestation of my fear to miss out on my life. It was the way my intuition found to speak louder so I would have no choice but to listen, and take action. She needed to slow me down so she could tell me, that I was forcing myself along a path that wasn’t truly mine. And that it was the time to change: I was now strong enough to take a bigger leap.

Through a transformative inside job with a hypnotherapist, I realized that I wasn’t giving enough space to my true nature. It was time for me to move away from the engineering work and stand for my desire to be in a profession that focuses on helping other humans. So I took action and decided to make a career change for the first time. My intuition inspired me with the idea to become a Recruiter. Why not? I followed the lead. And my depression went away as quickly as it had come.

People questioned my new career path – A LOT. ‘Are you sure it’s what you want?’ ‘You have no experience in this field!’ ‘It’s a shame to start again from scratch after 5 years of intense engineering studies, don’t you think?’ No, I didn’t think so (and I still don’t !). I was SO SURE of my choice. I had that gut feeling again, and I couldn’t reasonably explain it other than – “I’m curious, it calls me, it makes me happy, it feels right”. I trusted my intuition.

I spent 4 rewarding years in recruitment and never looked back. It’s really thanks to this first big professional change that I found the courage to assert myself and consciously trust my intuition as my guide. In 2019, my intuition spoke again, and this time I took action to change more quickly and with even greater clarity despite it being my biggest risk ever! I resigned from my job as a Recruiter to build my own coaching practice full-time. 2 years later, I am a published writer and I  help people on their journey to embracing their own intuition to build their most authentic, joyful life. I have never felt happier!

“I told you.

Sincerely, Your Intuition

Why Me

I showed up for myself.

I stopped blaming others or external circumstances for my unhappiness.

I learned to listen to my intuition to honor my emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs as they arose instead of fearing them.

I made different choices than what was expected of me and stood for my beliefs.

I built a soul-aligned life & biz where I can honor my pace of evolution, celebrate my sensitivity, and openly use my intuition as an everyday tool to guide me without having to hide or feeling ashamed.

That is why I am the right person to support you on your intuition awakening journey. 

I know how it feels to be stuck with doubts and limiting stories, and suffer in silence feeling like the whole world is against you. I have built the next level of personal freedom and intuitive way of living and doing business for myself. This is something you can reach too. 

As a human being, you have been given intuition as a gift of nature to guide you during your time on Earth. 

Are you ready to embrace who you truly came here to be? 

Book your complimentary call with me below!

You and I are a match made in heaven if you:

Are curious to rediscover the power of your intuition to create a life of alignment or a biz that flows.

Understand that developing intuition takes time and regular practice.

Are ready to take inspired, self-supported action to level up your life & biz.

Are on a spiritual awakening journey or open to discovering more on your spiritual nature as a human being.

Are prepared to invest financially and make time for your wellbeing and success.

We are not the right fit for each other if you:

Really don’t trust that developing your intuition and emotional intelligence is going to change anything.

Are looking for a magical quick-fix or someone to give you all the answers.

Are not open to make time to practice what you will learn.

Are frustrated with your doubts and fears but are not ready to let them go.

Are not prepared to invest your time, money, and energy into your personal or biz development.

Official Credentials -

Marion holds an ICF Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching

Marion Elvina’s
Professional Biography

The Intuition Coach.

Marion Elvina is an intuition expert and an accomplished spiritual entrepreneur who has inspired many individuals to embrace their true selves and go for their dreams. She supports purpose-driven souls who are frustrated and tired with their noisy mind to step into their lives with greater calm, clarity and courage. She helps them to harness the positive power of their intuition to build a purposeful life and business.

Marion graduated as an Engineer in France in 2012, and worked for 3 years in aeronautics as a Research & Development Project Leader. Although she was successful in her job, she felt that something was missing and that her true place was elsewhere. She followed her intuition to realign her career with her purpose: being of service to people. 

In 2015, she left her job as an Engineer to follow a new path as a Recruiter.


After 4 years, Marion’s intuition spoke again and encouraged her to quit her job in recruitment to go one step further, and build her own business. She established her  coaching practice in September 2019, and has since been working in partnership with a French  business called Pose Ta Dem’ (Quit your Job) as a freelance Intuitive Career Coach.

The idea of Intuition Coaching came to Marion 18 months later. As she worked with various wonderful people, many of her clients expressed that the true benefits of coaching with her were increased clarity of mind, a reconnection to their  emotions and a strengthened trust in their intuition. People simply felt more confident in their own judgment. That’s when she decided it was time to align her practice with these beautiful outcomes, and fully embrace her intuitive and spiritual nature as a Coach to empower people to follow their intuition to build a life and biz that respects their personality, energy and dreams.

What makes Marion’s soul shine! 

On a personal level, Marion is a passionate singer and acting teacher. Over the past 20 years, she has trained in a variety of artistic disciplines, including opera singing and musical theatre. She is convinced that performing is the best emotional awareness teacher: on stage, you can’t be anything else other than true with your emotions, or the audience won’t believe you.

Marion enjoys doing oracle card readings and kickboxing the hell out of her strike pads just as well. An avid traveller, the woods and her yoga mat are her refuge. 

Marion loves doing moon rituals and learning about astrology and witchcraft. She believes in holistic healing, especially through plants, crystals and energy work. In 2020, Marion joined the first   French school of mediumship  (it was a bit like receiving a letter from Hogwarts!) to embrace her psychic abilities and hone her intuitive perceptions. 

Your intuition is always on your side.