Personal Development for entrepreneurs who feel ready to embrace their intuition.

Welcome to the realm of all things intuition.

Do you find yourself:

Feeling frustrated, tired, and confused with the noise in your mind.

Unable to easily make decisions in life or business that feel aligned.

Feeling safer when you are in control, and anxious when things don’t go according to plan.

Struggling to differentiate your fears from your intuition.

Experiencing setbacks or obstacles in your journey more than usual.

Eager to let-go of your fears and doubts to build a life of flow and a soul-aligned biz by learning to harness your intuition.

Looking for an intuition expert you trust who gently opens you to new perspectives as you walk your own path towards a more confident, serene and successful you.

Your intuition holds the answers you seek. I am here to help you activate it.

I am a passionate spiritual life and business coach who has followed my intuition to build a lifestyle that honors my soul’s desires and respects my energy.  

As a highly sensitive person, empath and artist, I know that emotions can run high if they aren’t given the space to be expressed and released.

As a former Science student and Engineer, reason and logic are hardwired in my brain. Yet, I’ve learned the hard way that, if left unchecked, our logical mind often gets the best of us by trapping us into exhausting thought loops. These push us to make unaligned choices that make us feel better temporarily but are often at the expense of our wellbeing and happiness long-term.

The current world we live in doesn’t leave much space for intuition.

Our fast-paced lives make us  believe that intuition is abstract and unreliable, almost a waste of time. Doing things intuitively makes us less credible and somehow not worthy of being accepted. I say enough!

Intuition can be hard to ‘grasp’ even more so when we are conditioned to doubt it and view it as ‘fluffy’. 

I say intuition is the greatest human gift of all.

Intuition is often looked down upon as a ‘woo-woo’ phenomenon meant for the outcasts of society. I’ve always felt that there is another way and that by working on our thoughts and welcoming intuition as a sacred human gift, we open a whole new field of wonderful possibilities for our existence.

Building a successful, easy and soul-aligned life and biz is more than possible: it is your destiny. 

All you need to do is say yes. 

Say yes to you. Say yes to your intuition. 

Say yes to the secret dreams you have been afraid to let out into the light. Say yes to the truest version of you because we don’t get another chance. Life is now.

Will you choose to live it your way?

I invite you to a safe space
to be seen,
to heal
and transform.

If you are ready to open up to the positive power of your intuition and level up your life, book your Possibility Call now and discover what awaits you!

“The Universe reveals its secrets to those who dare to follow their intuition.”

– Marion Elvina

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Meet Marion

Your Intuition Coach

I am an intuition activist and a  sensitive soul.
All my life I’ve been striving to balance logic and intuition so that each serves me best.

One thing I’ve discovered is that my logical mind is used optimally when it sticks to its job as a personal assistant to structure, organize and practically bring my vision to life.

But, my compass and guide in life is my intuition. 

All my happiest, most fulfilling experiences happened when I trusted my intuition to show me the most aligned path. Even if it felt terrifying, uncertain or incoherent at times!

Here are some of my most exciting intuition-based decisions that changed my life:

Moving alone from my home country France to live in the UK.

Leaving behind a familiar path as an Engineer to become a Recruiter.

Auditioning for a selective musical theatre training program at one of London’s most famous Drama Schools (and getting in!!).

Quitting my full-time job as a Recruiter to build my own coaching practice (my biggest leap ever!).

One important thing though:

Intuition isn’t always profound! It is present in everyday life to guide us on tiny, simple things too. I can show you how to recognise intuitive opportunities daily and create a wonderful, playful life for yourself!

My superpowers are:

Intuitively sensing your energy in the present moment and tuning into it to best fulfil your needs.

Creating fun personalised practices to reconnect you with your intuition and personal power.

Holding a safe, non-judgmental space for you to freely express how you feel.

Seeing the big picture and shining a positive, empowering light on a situation.

Gently moving you from problem-obsessed to solution-focused.

Empowering you to respect your personal energy and honor your own pace of evolution.

Encouraging you every step of the way, and trusting that you have all the answers within you.


What my soul clients say:

Loïc Blanchard

“Marion coached me for 6 months. Her active listening skills, empathy and natural kindness were the key elements that triggered the breakthrough moments I experienced. As a coach, Marion successfully supported me on my journey to initiate concrete actions towards my long term goal that is now aligned with my core values. A fantastic human experience, thanks again Marion for being part of my developmental journey!”

Aurore Guglielminetti

“2020 was intense for us all, and my situation changed a lot in a short amount of time. I felt lost. Marion showed me tremendous support to accept my emotions and let go of my mental blocks. She created a personalized experience where I felt fully comfortable. Sometimes you need someone to reconnect you with what is already inside you. Marion is that person.”

Cecile Rotat

"I had the chance and pleasure to be coached by Marion to help me take stock of what I wanted for my life. She was able to adapt to my progress, and help me regain self-confidence. Thanks to her kindness, empathy and empowering coaching tools, Marion reconnected me with my emotions and intuition. This is a huge gift! Thank you! I warmly recommend Marion to anyone who wants to find their way back to themselves."

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